Shia Man injured By firing During Ashura Commemoration in Sydney, Community under threat by IS Terrorists

JNN 04 Nov 2014 Sydney : There are fears of violence against Sydney’s Shia Muslim community by Islamic State supporters after a Shia man was shot outside the Islamic Center in the early hours of this morning in southwest Sydney.

Rasoul Al-Musawi , 47 was closing up the Husainiyah ( Imambargah ) Nabi Akram Center, Islamic prayer centre on Rosedale Avenue is Greenacre when the attack occurred, with friends claiming he was targeted by people claiming to be supporters of Islamic State.

Mr Al-Musawi was shot in the face and shoulder while he was with his wife and four of his children at the Husainiyah Nabi Akram centre.

Mr Al-Musawi’s daughter said he was shot from behind and she and her father were leaving the Islamic prayer centre.

‘We heard two loud bangs. My dad just held his neck and ran inside,’ she told Network Ten.

‘All I see was blood running down his head and neck.’

He is now in a stable condition after undergoing surgery, and police described his wounds as ‘not life threatening’.

Jamal Daoud, a prominent Shia community member, said there was a great deal of fear following this morning’s shooting outside a suburban Islamic prayer centre in an industrial area of Greenacre.

‘They called us “Shia dogs” and they threatened to come back down tonight and kill you, shoot you, whatever,’ he told ABC Radio on Monday.

“This is a warning, a strong warning,” Mr Daoud said.

“Something bigger could happen. I hear a lot of people in the community warning that something like beheading people could happen here.

“There is a lot of talk in the community that they need more action from the authorities to prevent this.”

The 47-year-old man was shot as he left the prayer centre around 1:15 am this morning. There had been at least 200 people inside.

It’s reported Shia worshippers inside the hall heard the shots and then dragged the man inside the building before paramedics arrived at the industrial area.

The man suffered pellet wounds to his face and shoulder, but they were not considered life-threatening.

The shooting occurred just hours after people drove past the centre, shouting in Arabic “ISIS is coming” and “ISIS will stay”.

Mr Daoud said Shia cialis online original Muslims were at greater risk than other people because Shias were despised by the Wahabi-backed IS.

Police are seeking public information on the shooting.

A friend of the victim said threats by alleged Islamic State supporters had been made during the evening, before the shooting.

“They drive past, they stop here, they make threats `Isis lives forever’ this and that,” he told ABC Radio on Monday.

Local employees were shocked when they arrived at work on Monday to find Rosedale Ave a crime scene and cordoned off.

They said the prayer hall was usually a very quiet place.

“That place has been open since 2004. It’s the first time we’ve ever come across something like that,” an employee from a nearby car business told AAP.

“Usually it’s pretty quiet during the week. Maybe it gets a bit busy on Friday if they have something special.”

It’s believed the Shia Muslims were gathered to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, a grandson of Prophet Mohammed, and one of the most revered figures of Shia Islam.

The employee said police had taken the CCTV footage from his workplace.

Police are unsure what led to the attack.

“At this point in time it does not appear that there is any type of motivation for the shooting,” Inspector Dave Firth said.

It remains unclear if the shots were fired from a passing vehicle.

The Terrorists of IS see Shiite Muslims as a threat to their end goal of establishing a caliphate in the Middle East because the Shia Sect Condemns and Discards Claims by any Body , as they are already aligned to a hierarchy which is confirmed by the Last Prophet Muhammad and leads till the dooms day , so there is no room for any other Caliphate or Leadership .

So for IS or any Group of People claiming to be Muslims and trying to establish any new Leadership is always and at all the levels is condemned by the Shia Muslims , and that is the reason they have a great No. of enemies , due to which they are unable to achieve their evil desires , by Misleading the Muslims by creating New Leadership or Groups.