Celebrating the Birth of The Holy Prophet of Islam

A special interfaith programme was hosted by the Baab-ul-Ilm (Gateway to Knowledge) Centre in Leeds on the evening of 21stJanuary 2015 to mark and honour the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In promoting his humble ethos of helping those in need, supporting one’s neighbour and building wholesome community relations the members of the Baab-ul-Ilm collected a wide variety of toiletries and essential items to donate to the Leeds based charity Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS). During the handover ceremony the collected items were presented by the children of the centre to Christine Majid, founder and Project Manager of PAFRAS, who was given special praise for her tireless endeavours and commitment in supporting PAFRAS to provide immediate humanitarian relief, support and improvement to the current plight of its service users.

In light of the recent tragedies in Paris the speeches from Syed Hadi Hassan and Rasool cialis tablets online in india Bhamani, resident scholar and Chairman respectively of the Baab-ul-Ilm Centre, focussed on promoting the prophetic practice of repelling discord, division and animosity through mediation, diplomacy, and dialogue. In particular, reference was made to the historic Constitution of Medina to demonstrate how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) resolved disputes, advocated peace and pluralism through respect, acceptance, and denunciation of conflict, thereby marking the creation of a single community and serving as a unifying document in a city of diverse groups, cultures, religions, and languages.

The programme was attended by Councillor Peter Harrand in addition to leaders from the Leeds Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities including Reverend Canon Charles Dobbin MBE, Chair of Leeds Faith Forum; Rabbi Simon Phillips, Chairman of Concord Leeds Interfaith Fellowship and Executive Member of the United Hebrew Congregation; Imam Qari Muhammad Asim MBE of Leeds Makkah Masjid and Dr. Hassan al-Khatib of Leeds Grand Mosque.