Around 15 Million Commerate Ashura in Karbala

JNN 26 Nov 2012 About 15 Millions of Muslims , Majority of which was Shiites flooded the Iraqi shrine city of Karbala on Sunday for the commeration of Ashura rituals, which have been largely safe from the attacks that struck pilgrims in past years , under the US Security forces administration .

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Saudi Arabia faces outcry over death sentence for Shia faith leader

Nimr Baqir al-Nimr’s conviction for sedition adding to unrest and promoting sectarian hatred, says Human Rights Watch

Saudi Arabia is facing an international outcry and accusations of promoting sectarian hatred after a Shia Muslim religious leader from the country’s volatile eastern province was sentenced to death.

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Muslim Ethics

THE THIRD SESSION in our series on Ethics in World Religions was a lively and inspiring one on Ethics in Islam, held in September at the Baab-ul-Ilm Shia Muslim Centre in Moortown. We visited this centre in May for the Walk of Friendship and to share in Iftar in ]uly (see Simon Phillips’s report), and the welcome on this occasion was as warm as it was before. The President of the Centre, Rasool Bhamani, gave a presentation which invited audience participation, and he was supported by the imam and scholar in residence, Hadi Taki.

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