“It seems the time approached when I shall be called away (by Allah) and I shall answer that call. I am leaving for you two precious things and if you adhere to them both, you will never go astray after me. They are the Book of Allah and my Progeny, that is my Ahlul Bayt. The two shall never separate from each other until they come to me by the Pool (of Paradise).” Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

The Holy Prophet declared in Ghadir e Khum that Imam Ali (AS) will be his successor and will continue to propagate the message of Allah and continue to illuminate this world.  We learn from the best of creations that we need to have a succession plan to ensure the message of Allah continues until they day of reckoning.

This principle and ethos of succession planning is applied across all disciplines, whether religious or secular to ensure the good work is continued for future generations to come.

To meet this goal The Baab-Ul-Ilm Madressa was set up to impart religious and moral education, according to the principles of the Ja’fari Islamic faith, so as to inculcate in the students an integrated Islamic personality.

The Madressa promotes universally accepted values of tolerance, mutual understanding, peace and good citizenship. We believe that no two children are identical. An effective madressa program responds to this diversity with a curriculum that will meet individual differences and maximize each student’s potential.

The Madressa are the foundations upon which we build our societies. They are the infrastructure upon which the community’s progression can be realised to its full potential.