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The BaabUlilm Cenre opens its doors for the day to reach out and reassure

Visit My Mosque was the idea of the Muslim Council of Britain, or MCB,  which is a national organisation made up of mosques from across the country. We at Baabulilm are participating because it’s the perfect excuse to do something we already do – inviting local people who aren’t Muslim or don’t know many Muslims […]

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Celebrating the Birth of The Holy Prophet of Islam

A special interfaith programme was hosted by the Baab-ul-Ilm (Gateway to Knowledge) Centre in Leeds on the evening of 21stJanuary 2015 to mark and honour the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In promoting his humble ethos of helping those in need, supporting one’s neighbour and building wholesome community relations the members of the […]

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Visit My Mosque – Open Day – 1st February 2015

Visit My Mosque The Muslim Council of Britain is organising a national #VisitMyMosque day on Sunday 1st February 2015, where British mosques will open their doors to the general public. #VisitMyMosque day is part of a national initiative by Muslims to reach out to fellow Britons following tensions around cialis online overnight delivery terrorism. The […]

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Quran Tasfeer Session Presentation

Discussion presentations of Quran tasfeer sessions are available to download 15th January 2015 Topic Rumors 22nd January 2015 Topic Fighting 

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Verses From Holy Quran For Scripture Reasoning

The Quranic Verses which will discussed on Thursday 12th February 2015 at 9pm at the Baabulilm Center Leeds will be on the existence of God. In this session participants will: Acquaint themselves with the Quranic concepts and arguments about the existence of God. Role play the real cialis online dangers life debates between atheists and believers […]

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