Baab-ul-Ilm Islam Centre spreads New Year good will, cheer and unity

The Baab-ul-Ilm Islam Centre opened its doors to the homeless and destitute on Friday 4th January 2018.

The Centre welcomed guests some of which include the most vulnerable individuals around Leeds. Regardless of their faith or background they were invited to a New Year’s dinner, which included local community leaders and volunteer workers from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. The dinner reflected these communities coming together, showing that what unites us is stronger than what divides.

A refused Asylum Seeker from Senegal who attended the dinner said “I lived in this country for 14 years my application was refused and all my support was withdrawn. I am now homeless and without any money”.

Rasool Bhamani, President of Baab-ul-IIm Centre, said: “The festive season is all about extending a hand to others and this should be a focus for all communities in the UK to come together, talk and learn from each other. Events like these are important so that we begin a new year of shared experience, tolerance and unity. In this time of political and economic uncertainty, the Baab ul Ilm community continues to stand firm in solidarity with those affected by violence and terrorism across the world.”